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Leopard Lair Ananta Express, Bera

Luxury Jungle Resort

Nestled in the natural beauty of the wild, the Leopard Lair Ananta Express, Bera is one of Rajasthan’s leading luxury jungle resorts on the edge of the legendary Jawai Dam. Leopard Lear, conceived 24 years back, was an initiative by Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar to create the jungle lodge with animal conservation as a prime motive.

Leopard Lair Ananta Express, Bera is the first jungle resort started in 1995 by Thakur Devi SinghJi Bera in Bera & Jawai Area

The perfect base to explore the territory of the regal leopard, where sighting the wild beast is very common. The resort setting is picture perfect with the dramatic water course and sun kissed Aravali range.

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Bera, quintessentially an abode for people in search for tranquil moments amidst the wild. A place which has retained its pristine beauty, where one can experience the true, unadulterated glory that nature has to offer. Nestled in the Arravali ranges, one cannot help but get lost in its landscapes. This range lends a beautiful, serene and tranquil backdrop to ones stay at one of the country’s premier leopard getaway destinations.

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Clients Testimonials.

Extremly Sensitivitly done conversion of this tranquil property, I wish great sucess and growth in time to come.

Shriji Arvind Singh ji Mewar


Thanks very much for looking after us so well. It was great to see the leopard and special to be so close, Thanks again.

J.Keeling BBC

Bristol, UK

Bera & the Bera family are very special to me and my family. We have spend one of our happist days here and these last few days here no less. Good luck with "Leopard Lair Ananta Express, Bera".

H.H. Maharaja Gaj Singh

Jodhpur, Marwar

Dear Devi Singh, your hospitality was beyond compramise, The welcome to your resort was very friendly, homely and caring. Best Wishes


Sydney, Australia

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