Destination Bera

Bera, quintessentially an abode for people in search for tranquil moments amidst the wild. A place which has retained its pristine beauty, where one can experience the true, unadulterated glory that nature has to offer. Nestled in the Arravali ranges, one cannot help but get lost in its landscapes. This range lends a beautiful, serene and tranquil backdrop to ones stay at one of the country’s premier leopard getaway destinations. Bera, an adventurer’s retreat is situated 180 km from Jodhpur and 150 km from Udaipur by road. One could also use the railways to reach the Leopard Lair Ananta Elite with the closest station being Jawai, 14 km from the Leopard Lair Ananta Elite. One can ask for ‘Thakur Sahab’s Bagicha’ as the Leopard Liar is commonly known.

Not only is the resort truly awe inspiring, but the local terrain of the area is equally worth exploring. Leopard Lair Ananta Elite is spread over a spacious 30 ‘bhighas’ of land and is surrounded by shady Mango, Palm, Rudrax, Tamrind, Bhelpatra, Sandal Wood, Neem, Sangwan and Ashoka trees. One can witness wildlife in the rural parts of Rajasthan from close quarters, immerse themselves in the pristine beauty of the water bodies, lakes and the famous Jawai Dam, which is the largest Man made dam in Western Rajasthan. The tribal life lends a rustic and colourful flavour to a guests stay.

The tribal life which one can not only witness but experience themselves, makes this stay a once in a lifetime experience. The Rabari tribe, meaning ‘outsider’, gets its name from their occupation of rearing and raising cattle, camels and goats. They are also known for their “Rabari Bharat ” (Embroidery ). One can easily distinguish the Rabari women from the locals with their long black head scarves, their distinctive brass ear rings and their magical symbol tattoos. Their jewelery is quite modest in comparison to other tribal women of the country. The Rabari men commonly appear in a white dress, golden ear rings with a big stick in their hand. Their head is covered with a ‘Pagadi’(Turban)

Thakur Devi Singh the great grand son of Marharja Sir Pratap Singh, Regent of Jodhpur- Marwar has opened the doors of his mystic and tranquil hamlet to the adventure travelers of the world. A destination amidst wilderness called “Leopard Lair Ananta Elite”