About Leopard Lair Resort

Leopard Lair Resort

Luxury Jungle Resort

Nestled in the natural beauty of the wild, the Leopard Lair Resort is one of Rajasthan’s leading luxury jungle resorts on the edge of the legendary Jawai Dam. Leopard Lear, conceived 24 years back, was an initiative by Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar to create the jungle lodge with animal conservation as a prime motive. The resort also receives continuing support and suggestions from HH Maharaja Gaj Singh ji of Jodhpur due to which Leopard’s Lair is able to provide unique customized, and the world renowned Rajput hospitality in the village of Bera.

Leopard Lair Resort is the first jungle resort started in 1995 by Thakur Devi Singh Ji Bera in Bera & Jawai Area

The perfect base to explore the territory of the regal leopard, where sighting the wild beast is very common. While it is pleasant in the day, the mornings and nights are much cooler. The best time to visit the resort is from October to March.

The resort setting is picture perfect with the dramatic water course and sun kissed Aravali range. Bera is an abode of a number of mammals, birds and vast and varied vegetation which include the evasive Leopard, the mighty Bluebull,the Crocodile, the ever so mischeivious Hyena, the graceful Pelican, the Greylag Goose, Robin Accentor, Demoiselle Crane, Barheaded Goose to name a few. In the expansive vistas, one can witness the green forests of Mount Abu, the dry grasslands of the desert and the thorn forests of Aravali.

Morning Jungle Safari’s start at the break of dawn, to view wildlife in its natural form: Leopards relaxing and sun bathing atop hills and staring down at the lazy crocodiles which distresses one completely. Other than the motorized safari, one can gallop through the terrain on a horse safari as well. The Bera experience leaves an indelible mark on the minds of those who come and recommend it to others. Uniquely, the guests themselves are hence the brand ambassadors of Leopard Lair Resort.